Christina Louise

At the age of 18, after enduring years of abuse and neglect, which resulted in serious family issues and huge shakes to her self-esteem and belief in her inherent worthiness, Christina Louise looked in the mirror and decided that she was the only one able to respond to the state she was in; she was the only one who could make something of her life. On that day, her inner work began with a journey into Metaphysics, Tarot Card Reading and Quantum Physics-based, practical Spirituality. After 17 years of serious study and practical application, she now has a thriving coaching practice that specializes in showing you how to connect to your own higher power, release heavy emotions and retrain your mind to work for you rather than against you so that you're not constantly sabotaging yourself. Her laser focused Readings, Spiritual Coaching and Self-Mastery training combines into truly transformational Shadow Work that produces heightened states of awareness and deep inner peace while helping you to unearth the confidence and know-how to succeed in business and in every other endeavor.

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