Emelina Holland

I am a student of life and a vessel for Divine Love. I have been studying metaphysics since I was a teen and I continue to learn everyday. I have degrees in Fine Art, Professional Communication, and Science of Metaphysics; as well as training in various healing fields and other creative expressions including Holistic Life Counseling, Astrology, Dance, Music, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapy Script Writing, Color Therapy, Emotion Freedom Technique, Practical Mysticism, Spiritual Alchemy, Lunar Manifestation Practices, Womb Wisdom Mysteries, Sound-Vibrational Medicine, Spiritual Healing, among others.

However, the work I do has been birthed through the many years of my own spiritual awakening and personal healing. The struggles that taught me about humility and about my human limitations are the same teachers that brought me closer to my own divine nature and spiritual multi-dimensions.

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