Geoff Laughton

Geoff Laughton is an outspoken and lively internationally best-selling Author, Relationship Architect, Presentational Speaker, Master NLP Practitioner, and Seminar Facilitator with 20 years of expertise counseling and coaching throughout the US and Europe.

Geoff passionately gets powerful results for clients in many life challenges - but, in particular, with the pain of being in a relationship that isn’t working…with self and/or a partner.

In his relentless journey of self-renaissance, he spent several years expanding his toolkit through participating in and leading hundreds of transformational workshops, retreats, and intensives, along with spending nearly 19 years training with Spiritual Masters and top-drawer Change Agents/Coaches.

Through his years of training to lead workshops and coach as a powerful example on conscious masculinity, Geoff is committed to living and coaching with a fully open heart and connected to Source. He has led over 50 men’s retreats and has facilitated over 500 men’s group meetings. He continues to facilitate twice monthly men’s groups in his home area of Boulder, but also includes men participating, virtually, from all over the US.

His first book, “Built To Last: Designing & Maintaining a Passionate, Loving and Lasting Relationship”, published in August 2015 remains a best-seller.

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