Patricia Maddalena

Patricia Maddalena is the founder and creator of The InnerScape Quest and Mind Hack International. NLP Master & Trainer, she has studied The Holigral Method, 4G NLP, Clean Language, Neuroscience, Metaphysics, Energy Psychology, Time Line, Hypnotherapy and Quantum Physics with Holigral based in Avalon U.K. Specializing in The Laws of The Mind and The Laws of The Universe, she writes and delivers transformative training and coaching programs that work on a deep cellular and energetic level.

Patricia experienced a Spontaneous Awakening in 2000 where she connected with Source Energy, Pure Bliss and received a Download of such magnitude describing the next 13 years of her life and study. This turned her on to her Gift as a Natural Intuitive Energy Healer and brought her the confidence to ‘Just Do IT’.

Patricia then combined all of her expertise and trained and worked with Souls across the planet, finding and locating the parts of them that have been separated through Time and Space, facilitating reintegration, bringing the person back to Wholeness and thus dissolving the dysfunctional behavior they were experiencing.

Part of Patricia’s mission is to make ‘Conscious Growth Accessible and Affordable For All’ and so developed a series of ‘Help Yourself’ Workbooks called, The Happiness Hacker’s Guide to… Each workbook shares the exact information about The Laws of The Mind and how they relate to The Law of Attraction, whilst taking you on a transformative yet fun journey of Self-Development.

These user-friendly Workbooks have a series of InnerScape Quests, Guided Meditations, that go along with them and can be used by anyone to rewrite patterns of behavior that are no longer working for them.

In addition, as the host of The Kitchen Table, which is a free, but closed, Facebook group, Patricia dishes up Food For Thought to Souls from all over the planet, so please pop along and pull up a chair anytime. Patricia is a Happiness Hacker and Loves sharing all her recipes, tools and techniques so people can become Self Sufficient Happiness Hackers too.

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